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Dr. Liao, You-Di

Adjunct Research Fellow
  • 2652-3053 (Office)

  • Protein Chemistry
  • Antitumor Ribonucleases
  • Antimicrobial Protein/Peptides

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. National Taiwan University

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Fetal bovine serum albumin inhibits antimicrobial peptide activity and binds drug only in complex with α1-antitrypsin

Dr. Liao, You-Di
Scientific Reports, Jan 14, 2021


Several antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) have been developed for the treatment of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant microbes, but their applications are primarily limited to topical infections because in circulation they are bound and inhibited by serum proteins. Here we have found that some AMPs, such as TP4 from fish tilapia, and drugs, such as antipyretic ibuprofen, were bound by bovine serum albumin only in complex with α1-antitrypsin which is linked by disulfide bond. They existed in dimeric complex (2 albumin -2 α1-antitrypsin) in the bovine serum only at fetal stage, but not after birth. The hydrophobic residues of TP4 were responsible for its binding to the complex. Since bovine serum is a major supplement in most cell culture media, therefore the existence and depletion of active albumin/α1-antitrypsin complex are very important for the assay and production of biomolecules.