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Dr. Shih, Chiaho

Emeritus Research Fellow

  • Molecular Biology
  • Viral Hepatitis and Hepatoma
  • Cancer

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Shih, Chiaho 's

Journal 83 Book 1

  1. Liou AT, Wu SY, Liao CC, Chang YS, Chang CS, (Shih C*) A new animal model containing human SCARB2 and lacking stat-1 is highly susceptible to EV71. Scientific Reports 6, 31151-31151 (2016-08) [JCR] [WOS]
  2. Chou SF, Tsai ML, Huang JY, Chang YS, and (Shih C*) The dual role of an ESCRT-0 component HGS in HBV transcription and naked capsid secretion PLoS Pathogens 11(10), e1005123-e1005123 (2015-10) [JCR] [WOS]
  3. Huang MT, Liu WL, Lu CW, Huang JJ, Chuang HL, Huang YT, Hong JH, Liu P, Han DS, Chiang BL, (Shih C), Chen PJ, Chen DS Feedback regulation of IFN-alpha/beta signaling by Axl receptor tyrosine kinase modulates HBV immunity. European journal of immunology 45, 1696-1705 (2015-03) [JCR] [WOS]
  4. Huang JY, Chou SF, Lee JW, Chen HL, Chen CM, Tao MH, (Shih C*) MicroRNA-130a can inhibit hepatitis B virus replication via targeting PGC1alpha and PPARgamma. RNA 21, 385-400 (2015-03) [JCR] [WOS]
  5. Liao CC, Liou AT, Chang YS, Wu SY, Chang CS, Lee CK, Kung JT, Tu PH, Yu YY, Lin CY, Lin JS, (Shih C*) Immunodeficient mouse models with different disease profiles by in vivo infection with the same clinical isolate of enterovirus 71. Journal of Virology 88(21), 12485-12499 (2014-11) [JCR] [WOS]
  6. Yang CC, Huang EY, Li HC, Su PY, (Shih C*) Nuclear export of human hepatitis B virus core protein and pregenomic RNA depends on the cellular NXF1-p15 machinery. PLoS One 9(10), e106683-e106683 (2014-10) [JCR] [WOS]
  7. Chu TH, Liou AT, Su PY, Wu HN, and (Shih C)* Nucleic Acid Chaperone Activity Associated with the ARD Domain of Human Hepatitis B Virus Core Protein JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY 88(5), 2530-2543 (2014-03) [JCR] [WOS]
  8. Yu X, Jin L, Jih J, (Shih, C) and Zhou H* 3.5Å cryoEM structure of hepatitis B virus core assembled from full-length core protein PLoS One 8(9), e69729 (2013-09) [JCR] [WOS]
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