Dr. Tang, Tang K. 唐堂 博士



  • CEP120 interacts with C2CD3 and Talpid3 and is required for centriole appendage assembly and ciliogenesis
    Scientific Reports, Apr 15, 2019
    Centrosomal protein 120 (CEP120) was originally identified as a daughter centriole-enriched protein that participates in centriole elongatio ......
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  • Myosin-Va is required for preciliary vesicle transportation to the mother centriole during ciliogenesis
    Nature Cell Biology, Jan 15, 2018
    Primary cilia play essential roles in signal transduction and development. The docking of preciliary vesicles at the distal appendages of a ......
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  • Human microcephaly protein RTTN interacts with STIL and is required to build full-length centrioles
    Nature Communications, Aug 15, 2017
    Mutations in many centriolar protein-encoding genes cause primary microcephaly. Using super-resolution and electron microscopy, we find that ......
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  • CEP295 interacts with microtubules and is required for centriole elongation
    J Cell Science, Jul 01, 2016
    Centriole duplication is a tightly ordered process during which procentrioles are assembled in G1-S and elongate during S and G2. Here, we s ......
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  • Phosphorylation of CPAP by Aurora-A Maintains Spindle Pole Integrity during Mitosis.
    Cell Reports, Mar 15, 2016
    CPAP is required for centriole elongation during S/G2 phase, but the role of CPAP in mitosis is incompletely understood. Here, we show that ......
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