Dr. Mou, Yun 牟昀 博士



  • Development of a TNF-α-mediated Trojan Horse for Bacteria-based Cancer Therapy
    Molecular Therapy, Apr 19, 2022
          TNF-α is up-regulated in a chronic inflammatory environment, including tumors, and has been recognized a ......
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  • Fragment-Directed Random Mutagenesis by the Reverse Kunkel Method
    ACS Synthetic Biology, Mar 24, 2022
          Two fundamentally different approaches are routinely used for protein engineering: user-defined mutagenesis an ......
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  • Development of a Novel Cytokine Vehicle Using Filamentous Phage Display for Colorectal Cancer Treatment
    ACS Synthetic Biology, Aug 03, 2021
        Due to its highly immunogenic nature and the great engineerability, filamentous phage has shown promising antitumor acti ......
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