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Notice 2023/09/08
【In Memoriam】 The Institute of Biomedical Sciences mourns the unexpected passing of Dr. Kurt Yun Mou, a tenured associate research fellow, on August 28, 2023.

A graduate of the National Taiwan University with BS and MS degrees in chemistry, Dr. Mou received his PhD degree in chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. After postdoctoral training at Caltech and UCSF, he joined the IBMS in 2017 as an assistant research fellow. Dr. Mou's research focused on developing genetically engineerable biologics for cancer therapy, especially immunotherapy. He developed several therapeutic biologics to treat cancer, including proteins, virus (gene therapy), bio-nanoparticles, and bacteria. In just a few years, he published 15 papers in high impact journals, serving as a first author (2), corresponding author (8), or co-corresponding author (1). With his outstanding research performance, Dr. Mou was promoted to a tenured associate research fellow in 2022.

Dr. Mou was a humble, respectful, earnest, and energetic young scientist. He was passionate about research and mentored many students, research assistants, and postdoctoral fellows. He got along very well with his colleagues and was beloved by all. In addition to his own research, he served on several committees of the institute and core facilities, contributing to their smooth operation. Despite having a loving and supportive family, and undergoing treatment, Dr. Mou succumbed to the effects of major depression disorder and left us way too early.

Our institute will hold a memorial service in late September to honor Dr. Mou’s memory and bring comfort to our community. It is our hope that we take care of ourselves, our families, and each other during this time of loss and mourning. We will forever cherish our association with Dr. Mou and remember his contributions to the Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

【Link】Academia Sinica Memoriam of Dr. Yun Mou.

Academia Sinica Memoriam of Dr. Yun Mou