Dr. Chen, Huan-Yuan

Associate Research Scientist
  • 02-2652-3940 (Lab) (Room No: N433)
  • 02-2652-3945
  • 02-2652-3942 (Fax)

  • 發炎核心設施負責人
  • Galectins
  • Skin Inflammation

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. National Tsing Hua University

Our laboratory aims to promote research in inflammation and glycomedicine by 1) coordinating the Inflammation forum, 2) providing reagents/services including those listed under “Service”, and 3) assisting in establishing the IBMS glycobiology core. 

Our research is focused on 1) investigation of the functions of galectins in skin inflammation, such as atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis, and 2) investigation of the roles of galectin-3 in Alix-mediated functions, such as retrovirus budding and exosome secretion. 

Journal 30 Book 0

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