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Dr. Liu, Fu-Tong

Corresponding Research Fellow
Academician, Academia Sinica
  • 02-2652-3056 (Office)

  • Galectins
  • Allergic Inflammation
  • Immune-mediated dermatoses

Education and Positions:
    • Ph.D. University of Chicago
    • M.D. University of Miami, School of Medicine

Our research is focused on the investigation of the functions of a family of animal lectins, galectins, in inflammation, innate immunity, and cancer.  In the area of inflammation, we are studying the roles of galectin -7 and -8 in skin inflammatory diseases, by focusing on their regulation of proliferation of keratinocytes, as well as cytokine and chemokine production by these cells. We are also investigating the role of galectin-12 in skin inflammation through its function in sebaceous glands.  In the area of innate immunity, we are focusing on the roles of galectin-4 and -9 in host-pathogen interactions in the gastrointestinal tract.  Intracellular galectins are now known to bind to glycans exposed to the cytosol when intracellular organelles are damaged.  We are studying this process in relationship to the role of galectins in innate immunity, inflammation, and cancer. 

Our Team
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Journal 317 Book 14

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