Dr. Chen, Yuan-Tsong

Corresponding Research Fellow
Academician, Academia Sinica
  • 02-27899081 (Lab) (Room No: N807)
  • 02-27899085 (Fax)

  • Human Genetics
  • Genomic Medicine

Education and Positions:
  • M.D., Ph.D. Columbia University

Highlight Detail

Cyclic Alopecia and Abnormal Epidermal Cornification in Zdhhc13 Deficient Mice Reveals the Importance of Palmitoylation in Hair and Skin Differentiation.

Dr. Chen, Yuan-Tsong
J Invest Dermatol., Jun 29, 2015

Many biochemical pathways involved in hair and skin development have not been investigated. Here, we reported on the lesions and investigated the mechanism underlying hair and skin abnormalities in Zdhhc13skc4 mice with a deficiency in DHHC13, a palmitoyl-acyl transferase encoded by Zdhhc13. Homozygous affected mice showed ragged and dilapidated cuticle of the hair shaft (Cuh, a hair anchoring structure), poor hair anchoring ability and premature hair loss at early telogen phase of the hair cycle, resulting in cyclic alopecia. Furthermore, the homozygous affected mice exhibited hyperproliferation of the epidermis, disturbed cornification, fragile cornified envelope (CE, a skin barrier structure), and impaired skin barrier function.