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Dr. Liu, Fu-Tong

Corresponding Research Fellow
  • 02-2652-3056 (Office)

  • Galectins
  • Allergic Inflammation
  • Immune-mediated dermatoses

Education and Positions:
    • Ph.D. University of Chicago
    • M.D. University of Miami, School of Medicine

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Ablation of a galectin preferentially expressed in adipocytes increases lipolysis, reduces adiposity, and improves insulin sensitivity in mice

Dr. Liu, Fu-Tong
PNAS, Sep 12, 2011

The breakdown of triglycerides, or lipolysis, is a tightly controlled process that regulates fat mobilization in accord with an animal's energy needs. It is well established that lipolysis is stimulated by hormones that signal energy demand and is suppressed by the antilipolytic hormone insulin. However, much still remains to be learned about regulation of lipolysis by intracellular signaling pathways in adipocytes. Here we show that galectin-12, a member of a β-galactoside–binding lectin family