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Dr. Lee, Te-Chang

Adjunct Research Fellow
  • 02-27899145 (Lab) (Room No: N247)
  • 02-26523055 (Office)
  • 02-27829142 (Fax)

  • Genetic and Molecular Toxicology
  • Cancer Biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Biobank

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. National Taiwan University

Dr. Lee, Te-Chang 's

Journal 172 Book 7

  1. Chen TL, Patel AS, Jain V, Kuppusamy R, Lin YW, Hou MH, Su TL and (Lee TC)* Discovery of oral anticancer 1,2-bis(hydroxymethyl)benzo[g]pyrrolo[2,1‑a]phthalazine hybrids that inhibit angiogenesis and induce DNA cross-links Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 64(17), 12469-12486 (2021-09) [JCR] [WOS]
  2. Wu MM, Hsieh FI, Hsu LI, (Lee TC), Chiou HY and Chen CJ GT-repeat polymorphism in the HO-1 gene promoter is associated with risk of liver cancer: A follow-up study from arseniasis-endemic areas in Taiwan Journal of Clinical Medicine 10(7), 1489 (2021-04) [JCR] [WOS]
  3. Wei CY, Yang JH, Yeh EC, Tsai MF, Kao HJ, Lo CZ, Chang LP, Lin WJ, Hsieh FJ, Belsare S, Bhaskar A, Su MW, (Lee TC), Lin YL, Liu FT, Shen CY, Li LH, Chen CH, Wall JD, Wu JY and Kwok PY Genetic profiles of 103,106 individuals in the Taiwan Biobank provide insights into the health and history of Han Chinese NPJ Genomic Medicine 6(1), 10 (2021-02) [JCR] [WOS]
  4. Regmi Prabha, Lai Kuo-Chu, Liu Chung-Ji, (Lee Te-Chang)* SAHA Overcomes 5-FU Resistance in IFIT2-Depleted Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cells Cancers 12(12), 3527 (2020-11) [JCR] [WOS]
  5. Patel Anilkumar S., Jain Vicky, Rao Vaikar Navakanth, Lin Yi-Wen, Shah Anamik, Lai Kuo-Chu, Su Tsann-Long, (Lee Te-Chang*) Design, synthesis and antitumour evaluation of pyrrolo[1,2-f]-phenanthridine and dibenzo[f,h]pyrrolo[1,2-b]isoquinoline derivatives European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 202,112516 (2020-09) [JCR] [WOS]
  6. Hu Wei-Chun, Teo Wan-Huai, Huang Tung-Fu, (Lee Te-Chang), Lo Jeng-Fan Combinatorial Low Dose Arsenic Trioxide and Cisplatin Exacerbates Autophagy via AMPK/STAT3 Signaling on Targeting Head and Neck Cancer Initiating Cells Frontiers in Oncology 10, 463 (2020-04) [JCR] [WOS]
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  9. Pidugu VK, Wu MM, Yen AH, Pidugu HB, Chang KW, Liu CJ, (Lee TC)* IFIT1 and IFIT3 promote oral squamous cell carcinoma metastasis and contribute to the anti-tumor effect of gefitinib via enhancing p-EGFR recycling. Oncogene 38(17), 3232-3247 (2019-04) [JCR] [WOS]
  10. Chang SM, Jain V, Chen TL, Patel AS, Pidugu HB, Lin YW, Wu MH, Huang JR, Wu HC, Shah A, Su TL, (Lee TC)* Design and Synthesis of 1,2-Bis(hydroxymethyl)pyrrolo[2,1- a]phthalazine Hybrids as Potent Anticancer Agents that Inhibit Angiogenesis and Induce DNA Interstrand Cross-links. Journal of medicinal chemistry 62(5), 2404-2418 (2019-03) [JCR] [WOS]