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Dr. Tarn, Woan-Yuh

Distinguished Research Fellow
  • 02-27899015 (Lab) (Room No: N223)
  • 02-26523052
  • 02-27829142 (Fax)



  1. mRNA splicing in neuron
  2. translational control in cancer
  3. long non-coding RNA

Education and Positions:
  • Ph.D. National Tsing Hua University
    Postdoc Assoc. Yale University

Dr. Tarn, Woan-Yuh 's

  1. Tsai YY, Shen CL, D D, Tsai CY, Tarn WY Activation of TrkB signaling mitigates cerebellar anomalies caused by Rbm4-Bdnf deficiency. Communications biology 6, 910 (2023-09) [JCR] [WOS]
  2. Chia-Lin Yu, Tzu-Wei Chuang, Sabrina Yeo Samuel, Yuan-Chao Lou, and Woan-Yuh Tarn* Co-phase separation of Y14 and RNA in vitro and its implication for DNA repair RNA 29, 1-15 (2023-03) [JCR] [WOS]
  3. Tzu-Wei Chuang, Chun-Hao Su, Pei-Yu Wu, Yao-Ming Chang and Woan-Yuh Tarn* LncRNA HOTAIRM1 functions in DNA double-strand break repair via its association with DNA repair and mRNA surveillance factors NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 51, 1-19 (2023-03) [JCR] [WOS]
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