Anti-PEG antibody publications

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Beishenaliev A, Loke YL, Goh SJ, Geo HN, Mugila M, Misran M, Chung LY, Kiew LV, Roffler S, Teo YY

Bispecific antibodies for targeted delivery of anti-cancer therapeutic agents: A review

J. Control. Release 359:268-286 (2023)

Keywords: bispecific, targeting, hu6.3, 15-2b

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Chen WA, Chang DY, Chen BM, Lin YC, Barenholz Y, Roffler SR

Antibodies against poly(ethylene glycol) activate innate immune cells and induce hypersensitivity reactions to PEGylated nanomedicines

ACS Nano 17:5757-5772 (2023)

Keywords: hypersensitivity, 3.3, 6.3, AGP4, human

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Lin YC, Chen BM, Tran TTM, Chang TC, Al-Qaisi TS, Roffler SR

Accelerated clearance by antibodies against methoxy PEG depends on pegylation architecture

J Control Release 354:354-367 (2023)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, 15-2b, AGP7, clearance

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Y Bavli, BM Chen, G Gross, A Hershko, Keren Turjeman, S Roffler, Y Barenholz

Anti-PEG antibodies before and after a first dose of Comirnaty® (mRNA-LNP-based SARS-CoV-2 vaccine)

J Control Release 354:316-322 (2023)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, 15-2b, Covid mRNA vaccine

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B Pezeshkpoor, N Sereda, AC Berkemeier, I Matuschek, N Schwarz, PL Turecek, S Horneff, C Klein, G Goldmann, N Marquardt, T Albert, J Müller, J Oldenburg

Antidrug antibodies against the polyethylene glycol moiety inhibit the procoagulant activity of therapeutic polyethylene glycolated factor VIII

J Thrombosis Haemostasis 21: 1503-1514 (2023)

Keywords: AGP3, ELISA

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AKC Kan, V Chiang, WK Ip, EYL Au, PH Li

Anti-polyethylene glycol (PEG) antibody isotypes may predict PEG-associated allergy and COVID-19 protection among patients with history of suspected COVID-19 vaccine allergy

Clin Transl Allergy 13:e12284 (2023)

Keywords: hu6.3-IgE, Covid mRNA vaccine

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Z Li, L Shen, A Ma, A Talkington, Z Li, AC Nyborg, MS Bowers, B LaMoreaux, EW Livingston, JE Frank, H Yuan, SK Lai

Pegloticase co-administered with high MW polyethylene glycol effectively reduces PEG-immunogenicity and restores prolonged circulation in mouse

Acta Biomater 170:250-259 (2023)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

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E Moles, CB Howard, P Huda, M Karsa, H McCalmont, K Kimpton, A Duly, Y Chen, Y Huang, ML Tursky, D Ma, S Bustamante, R Pickford, P Connerty, S Omari, CJ Jolly, S Joshi, S Shen, JE Pimanda, A Dolnikov, LC Cheung, RS Kotecha, MD Norris, M Haber, CE de Bock, K Somers, RB Lock, KJ Thurecht, M Kavallaris

Delivery of PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin by bispecific antibodies improves treatment in models of high-risk childhood leukemia

Sci Transl Med 15 (696): eabm1262 (2023)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeting

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ZH Zhou, MM Cortese, JL Fang, R Wood, DS Hummell, KA Risma, AE Norton, M KuKuruga, S Kirshner, RL Rabin, C Agarabi, MA Staat, N Halasa, RE Ware, A Stahl, M McMahon, P Browning, P Maniatis, S Bolcen, KM Edwards, JR Su, S Dharmarajan, R Forshee, KR Broder, S Anderson, S Kozlowski

Evaluation of association of anti-PEG antibodies with anaphylaxis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccine 41(28):4183-4189 (2023)

Keywords: IgE, hu6.3-IgE, Covid mRNA vaccine

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YC Su, MT Nguyen, YC Shih, MH Lin, S Roffler, CY Hsiao, TL Cheng, WW Lin, EC Lin, YJ Jong and CY Chang

Structural determination of an antibody that specifically recognizes polyethylene glycol with a terminal methoxy group

Commun Chem 5(1): 88 (2022)

Keywords: 15-2b, antibody structure

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Lin HJ, Liang TL, Chang YY, Liu DZ, Fan JY, Roffler SR, Lin SY

Development of irinotecan liposome armed with dual-target anti-epidermal growth factor receptor and anti-fibroblast activation protein-specific antibody for pancreatic cancer treatment

Pharmaceutics 14(6):1202 (2022)

Keywords: 15-2b, bispecific antibody, targeting

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Cheng WJ, Chuang KH, Lo YJ, Chen M, Chen YJ, Roffler SR, Ho HO, Lin SY, Sheu MT

Bispecific T-cell engagers non-covalently decorated drug-loaded PEGylated nanocarriers for cancer immunochemotherapy

J Control Release 344:235-248 (2022)

Keywords: 15-2b, trispecific antibody, targeting

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D Garcia-Dominguez, C Henry, LZ Ma, H Jani, NJ Amato, T Manning, A Freyn, H Davis, CJ Hsiao, MY Li, H Koch, S Elbashir, A DiPiazza, A Carfi, D Edwards, K Bahl

Altering the mRNA-1273 dosing interval impacts the kinetics, quality, and magnitude of immune responses in mice

Front Immunol 13:948335 (2022)

Keywords: 3.3, AGP4, ELISA

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CY Hsiao, JL Meng, JZ Hong, XH Ly, MH Lin, CY Chang, MTT Nguyen, TL Cheng, WW Lin, PA Burnouf, TS Al-Qaisi, ES Liu, and YC Su

Engineering a high-affinity anti-methoxy poly(ethylene glycol)(mPEG) antibody for sensitive immunosensing of mPEGylated therapeutics and mPEG molecules

Bioconjugate Chem. 33:2180−2188 (2022)

Keywords: 15-2b, anti-mPEG, affinity

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Y Ju, WS Lee, EH Pilkington, HG Kelly, S Li, KJ Selva, KM Wragg, K Subbarao, THO Nguyen, LC Rowntree, LF Allen, K Bond, DA Williamson, NP Truong, M Plebanski, K Kedzierska, S Mahanty, AW Chung, F Caruso, AK Wheatley, JA Juno, SJ Kent

Anti-PEG antibodies boosted in humans by SARS-CoV-2 lipid nanoparticle mRNA vaccine

ACS Nano 16:11769-11780 (2022)

Keywords: Hu-6.3-IgG, Covid mRNA vaccine, ELISA

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AM Talkington, MD McSweeney, T Wessler, MK Rath, Z Li, T Zhang, H Yuan, JE Frank, MG Forest, Y Cao, SK Lai

A PBPK model recapitulates early kinetics of anti-PEG antibody-mediated clearance of PEG-liposomes

J Control Release 343:518-527 (2022)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

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TC Chang, BM Chen, JY Wu, TL Cheng, SR Roffler.

Impact of anti-PEG antibody affinity on accelerated blood clearance of pegylated epoetin beta in mice

Biomed Pharmacother 146:112502 (2021)

Keywords: E11, 3.3, 6.3, AGP3, AGP4, clearance, Mircera

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Chen BM, Cheng TL, and Roffler SR

Polyethylene glycol immunogenicity: Theoretical, clinical, and practical aspects of anti-polyethylene glycol antibodies

ACS Nano 15(9): 14022-14048 (2021)

Keywords: Review, E11, 3.3, 6.3, 15-2b, ELISA

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Sylvestre M, Lv S, Yang LF, Luera N, Peeler DJ, Chen BM, Roffler SR, Pun SH.

Replacement of L-amino acid peptides with D-amino acid peptides mitigates anti-PEG antibody generation against polymer-peptide conjugates in mice

J Control Release 331: 142-153 (2021)

Keywords: AGP4, 6.3, ELISA

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Ho KW, Chen IU, Cheng YA, Liao TY, Liu ES, Chen HJ, Lu YC, Su YC, Roffler SR, Huang BC, Liu HJ, Huang MY, Chen CY, Cheng TL

Double attack strategy for leukemia using a pre-targeting bispecific antibody (CD20 Ab-mPEG scFv) and actively attracting PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin to enhance anti-tumor activity

J Nanobiotechnol 19(1):16 (2021)

Keywords: 15-2b, bispecific, targeting

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Fang JL, Beland FA, Tang Y, Roffler SR

Flow cytometry analysis of anti-polyethylene glycol antibodies in human plasma

Toxicol Rep 8:148-154 (2021)

Keywords: Hu6.3-IgG, cAGP4-IgM, FACS, assay

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SY Jiang, EM Smith, V Vo, C Akdis, KC Nadeau

Non-immunoglobulin E-mediated allergy associated with Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine excipient polyethylene glycol

Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol 127:694-696 (2021)

Keywords: Hu6.3-IgE, ELISA, Covid mRNA vaccine

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XR Lim, BP Leung, CYL Ng, JW Lynn Tan, GYL Chan, CM Loh, GLX Tan, VHH Goh, LT Wong, CR Chua, SC Tan, SSM Lee, HS Howe, BYH Thong, KP Leong

Pseudo-anaphylactic reactions to Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccine: Report of 3 cases of anaphylaxis post Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccination

Vaccines (Basel) 9(9):974(2021)

Keywords: Hu6.3-IgE, ELISA, Covid mRNA vaccine

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MD McSweeney, L Shen, AC DeWalle, JB Joiner, EC Ciociola, D Raghuwanshi, MS Macauley, SK Lai

Pre-treatment with high molecular weight free PEG effectively suppresses anti-PEG antibody induction by PEG-liposomes in mice

J Control Release 329:774-781 (2021)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

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ME Senti, CA de Jongh, K Dijkxhoorn, JJF Verhoef, J Szebeni, G Storm, CE Hack, RM Schiffelers, MH Fens, P Boross

Anti-PEG antibodies compromise the integrity of PEGylated lipid-based nanoparticles via complement

J Control Release 341:475-486 (2021)

Keywords: Hu6.3-IgG, cAGP4-IgM, human antibodies, lipid particle detabilization, complement

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AM Talkington, MD McSweeney, T Zhang, Z Li, AC Nyborg, B LaMoreaux, EW Livingston, JE Frank, H Yuan, SK Lai

High MW polyethylene glycol prolongs circulation of pegloticase in mice with anti-PEG antibodies

J Control Release 338:804-812 (2021)

Keywords: AGP4, clearance

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Y Yang, KK Ellestad, S Singha, MM Uddin, R Clarke, D Mondal, N Garabatos, P Solé, C Fandos, P Serra, P Santamaria

Extremely short bioavailability and fast pharmacodynamic effects of pMHC-based nanomedicines

J Control Release 338:557-570 (2021)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

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Chen E, Chen BM, Su YC, Chang YC, Cheng TL, Barenholz Y, Roffler SR

Premature drug release from polyethylene glycol (PEG)-coated liposomal doxorubicin via formation of the membrane attack complex

ACS Nano 14: 7808-7822 (2020)

Keywords: Hu6.3-IgG, cAGP4, E11, 3.3, 6.3, 15-2b, AGP3, AGP4, r33G, rAGP6, ELISA, lipiosome destabilization, complement

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IJ Chen, YA Cheng, KW Ho, WW Lin, KW Cheng, YC Lu, YC Hsieh, CC Huang, CH Chuang, FM Chen, YC Su, SR Roffler, TL Cheng

Bispecific antibody (HER2×mPEG) enhances anti-cancer effects by precise targeting and accumulation of mPEGylated liposomes

Acta Biomaterialia 111:386-397 (2020)

Keywords: 15-2b, bispecific antibody, targeted therapy

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Bavli Y, Chen BM, Roffler SR, Dobrovolskaia MA, Elnekave E, Ash S, Barenholz Y, Turjeman K

PEGylated liposomal methyl prednisolone succinate does not induce infusion reactions in patients: A correlation between in vitro immunological and in vivo clinical studies

Molecules 25(3): 558 (2020)

Keywords: hu6.3-IgG, cAGP4-IgM, himan antibodies, ELISA

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Lee CC, Su YC, Ko TP, Lin LL, Yang CY, Chang SS, Roffler SR, Wang AH

Structural basis of polyethylene glycol recognition by antibody

J Biomed Sci 27, 12 (2020)

Keywords: 3.3, antibody structure

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JT Huckaby, TM Jacobs, Z Li, RJ Perna, A Wang, NI Nicely, SK Lai

Structure of an anti-PEG antibody reveals an open ring that captures highly flexible PEG polymers

Commun Chem. 3:124 (2020)

Keywords: 6.3, antibody structure

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Y Liu, N Yu, M Khosraviani, E Wakshull

Development of an anti-drug antibody assay to detect anti-drug antibodies to protein and PEG in a PEGylated molecule

Bioanalysis 12(23):1671-1679 (2020)

Keywords: AGP4, bridging assay

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JL Schiller, MM Fogle, O Bussey, WJ Kissner, DB Hill, SK Lai

Antibody-mediated trapping in biological hydrogels is governed by sugar-sugar hydrogen bonds

Acta Biomater. 107:91-101 (2020)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

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Chang TC, Chen BM, Lin WW, Yu PH, Chiu YW, Chen YT, Wu JY, Cheng TL, Hwang DY, Roffler SR

Both IgM and IgG antibodies against polyethylene glycol can alter the biological activity of methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta in mice

Pharmaceutics 12(1) 15 (2019)

Keywords: AGP4, 6.3, ELISA, clearance

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Cheng YA, Chen IJ, Su YC, Cheng KW, Lu YC, Lin WW, Hsieh YC, Kao CH, Chen FM, Roffler SR, Cheng TL

Enhanced drug internalization and therapeutic efficacy of PEGylated nanoparticles by one-step formulation with anti-mPEG bispecific antibody in intrinsic drug-resistant breast cancer

Biomater Sci. 7:3404-3417 (2019)

Keywords: 15-2b, bispecific antibody, targeted therapy

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YJ Chen, M Chen, TL Cheng, SR Roffler, SY Lin, HL Hsu, CH Wang, CY Chen, AP Kao, JJ Cheng, KH Chuang

Simply mixing poly protein G with detection antibodies enhances the detection limit and sensitivity of immunoassays

Analytical Chem., 91(13):8310-8317 (2019)

Keywords: 3.3-biotin, ELISA

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Bavli Y, Winkler I, Chen BM, Roffler S, Cohen R, Szebeni J, Barenholz Y.

Doxebo (doxorubicin-free Doxil-like liposomes) is safe to use as a pre-treatment to prevent infusion reactions to PEGylated nanodrugs

J Control Release 306:138-148 (2019)

Keywords: AGP4, rAGP6, 3.3-biotin, 15-2b-biotin ELISA

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LH Belén, C Rangel-Yagui, JF Beltrán Lissabet, B Effer, M Lee-Estevez, APessoa, RL Castillo, JG Farías

From synthesis to characterization of site-selective PEGylated proteins

Front Pharmacol 10:1450(2019)

Keywords: review, ELISA

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G Besin, J Milton, S Sabnis, R Howell, C Mihai, K Burke, KE Benenato, M Stanton, P Smith, J Senn, S Hoge

Accelerated blood clearance of lipid nanoparticles entails a biphasic humoral response of B-1 followed by B-2 lymphocytes to distinct antigenic moieties

Immunohorizons 3:282-293 (2019)

Keywords: AGP4, FACS

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J Cui, Y Ju, ZH Houston, JJ Glass, NL Fletcher, S Alcantara, Q Dai, CB Howard, SM Mahler, AK Wheatley, R De Rose, PT Brannon, BM Paterson, PS Donnelly, KJ Thurecht, F Caruso, SJ Kent

Modulating targeting of poly(ethylene glycol) particles to tumor cells Using bispecific antibodies

Adv Healthc Mater 8(9):e1801607 (2019)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeted therapy

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JT Huckaby, CL Parker, TM Jacobs, A Schaefer, D Wadsworth, A Nguyen, A Wang, J Newby, SK Lai

Engineering polymer-binding bispecific antibodies for enhanced pretargeted delivery of nanoparticles to mucus-covered epithelium

Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 58:5604-5608 (2019)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeted therapy

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Uma Kavita 1, Wendy Miller 2, Qin C Ji 2, Renuka C Pillutla 2

A fit-for-purpose method for the detection of human antibodies to surface-exposed components of BMS-986263, a lipid nanoparticle-based drug product containing a siRNA drug substance

AAPS J 21:92 (2019)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, ELISA

pdf file

MD McSweeney, LSL Price, T Wessler, EC Ciociola, LB Herity, JA Piscitelli, AC DeWalle, TN Harris, AKP Chan, RS Saw, P Hu, JC Jennette, MG Forest, Y Cao, SA Montgomery, WC Zamboni, SK Lai

Overcoming anti-PEG antibody mediated accelerated blood clearance of PEGylated liposomes by pre-infusion with high molecular weight free PEG

J Control Release 311-312:138-146. (2019)

Keywords: AGP4, clearance

pdf file

CL Parker, MD McSweeney, AT Lucas, TM Jacobs, D Wadsworth, WC Zamboni, SK Lai

Pretargeted delivery of PEG-coated drug carriers to breast tumors using multivalent, bispecific antibody against polyethylene glycol and HER2

Nanomedicine 21:102076 (2019)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeted delivery

pdf file

JL Schiller, A Marvin, JD McCallen, SK Lai

Robust antigen-specific tuning of the nanoscale barrier properties of biogels using matrix-associating IgG and IgM antibodies

Acta Biomater. 89:95-103 (2019)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA

pdf file

D Song, J Cui, Y Ju, M Faria, H Sun, CB Howard, KJ Thurecht, FCaruso

Cellular targeting of bispecific antibody-functionalized poly(ethylene glycol) capsules: Do shape and size matter?

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces 11(32):28720-28731 (2019)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeted delivery

pdf file

YC Hsieh, HE Wang, WW Lin, SR Roffler, TC Cheng, YC Su, Jia-Je Li, CC Chen, CH Huang, BM Chen, JY Wang, TL Cheng, Fang-Ming Chen

Pre-existing anti-polyethylene glycol antibody reduces the therapeutic efficacy and pharmacokinetics of PEGylated liposomes

Theranostics 8:3164-3175 (2018)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, ELISA, clearance

pdf file

Chang CJ, Chen CH, Chen BM, Su YC, Chen YT, Hershfield MS, Lee MM, Cheng TL, Chen YT, Roffler SR, Wu JY

A genome-wide association study identifies a novel susceptibility locus for the immunogenicity of polyethylene glycol

Nat Commun 8(1):522 (2017)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, ELISA, GWAS

pdf file

YC Su, PA Burnouf, KH Chuang, BM Chen, TL Cheng and SR Roffler

Conditional internalization of PEGylated nanomedicines by PEG engagers for triple negative breast cancer therapy

Nat Comm 8:15507 (2017)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeted therapy

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WW Lin, YA Cheng, CH Kao, SR Roffler, YC Lee YC, BM Chen, YC Hsieh, IJ Chen, BC Huang, YT Wang, YC Tung, MY Huang, FM Chen, TL Cheng

Enhancement effect of a variable topology of a membrane-tethered anti-poly(ethylene glycol) antibody on the sensitivity for quantifying PEG and PEGylated molecules

Anal Chem 89: 6082-6090 (2017)

Keywords: AGP3, cell-based ELISA

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SS Aćimović, HŠ Gustav Emilsson, AB Dahlin, TJ Antosiewicz, and M Käll

Superior LSPR substrates based on electromagnetic decoupling for on-a-chip high-throughput label-free biosensing

Light Sci Appl 6: e17042 (2017)

Keywords: E11, biosensor

pdf file

WR Hao, M Chen, YJ Chen, YC Su, CM Cheng, HY Hsueh, AP Kao, YC Hsieh, JChang, MY Tseng, KH Chuang

Poly-protein G-expressing bacteria enhance the sensitivity of immunoassays

Sci. Rep. 7:989 (2017)

Keywords: AGP4, 3.3-biotin, ELISA

pdf file

J McCallen, J Prybylski, Q Yang, SK Lai

Cross-reactivity of select PEG-binding antibodies to other polymers containing a C-C-O backbone

ACS Biomater Sci Eng. 3(8):1605-1615 (2017)

Keywords: hu6.3, 6.3, AGP4, AGP3, ELISA, specificity

pdf file

L Wang, R Jiang, Y Liu, M Cheng, Q Wu, XL Sun

Recombinant and chemo-/bio-orthogonal synthesis of liposomal thrombomodulin and its antithrombotic activity

J Biosci Bioeng 124(4):445-451 (2017)

Keywords: E11, Western blot

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Wu JP, Cheng B, Roffler SR, Lundy DJ, Yen CY, Chen P, Lai JJ, Pun SH, Stayton PS, Hsieh PC

Reloadable multidrug capturing delivery system for targeted ischemic disease treatment

Sci Transl Med. 8(365):365ra160, 2016

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, biogel, slow release

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YC Hsieh, TC Cheng, HE Wang, JJ Li, WW Lin, CC Huang, CH Chuang, YT Wang, JY Wang, SR Roffler, KH Chuang, TL Cheng.

Using anti-poly(ethylene glycol) bioparticles for the quantitation of PEGylated nanoparticles

Sci Rep 6:39119 (2016)

Keywords: AGP3, nanoparticles, ELISA

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WW Lin, YC Hsieh, YA Cheng, KH Chuang, CC Huang, CH Chuang, IJ Chen, KW Cheng, YC Lu, TC Cheng, YT Wang, SR Roffler and TL Cheng

Optimization of an anti-poly(ethylene glycol) (anti-PEG) cell-based capture system to quantify PEG and PEGylated molecules

Analytical Chem 88:12371–12379 (2016)

Keywords: AGP3, ELISA, receptors

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Chen BM, Su YC, Chang CJ, Burnouf PA, Chuang KH, Chen CH, Cheng TL, Chen YT, Wu JY, Roffler SR

Measurement of pre-existing IgG and IgM antibodies against polyethylene glycol in healthy individuals

Analytical Chem 88:10661-10666, 2016

Keywords: hu6.3-IgG, cAGP4-IgM, ELISA, human antibodies, pre-existing anti-PEG antibodies

pdf file

Henry CE, Wang YY, Yang Q, Hoang T, Chattopadhyay S, Hoen T, Ensign LM, Nunn KL, Schroeder H, McCallen J, Moench T, Cone R, Roffler SR, Lai SK

Anti-PEG antibodies alter the mobility and biodistribution of densely PEGylated nanoparticles in mucus

Acta Biomater 43: 61-70 2016

Keywords: 3.3, AGP4, clearance, nanoparticles

pdf file

WC Huang, PA Burnouf, YC Su, BM Chen, KH Chuang, CW Lee, PK Wei, TL Cheng and SR Roffler

Engineering chimeric receptors to investigate the size and rigidity-dependent interaction of PEGylated nanoparticles with cells

ACS Nano 10:648-662, 2016

Keywords: AGP3, receptors, cells, nanoparticles, liposomes

pdf file

CB Howard, N Fletcher, ZH Houston, AV Fuchs, NRB Boase, JD Simpson, LJ Raftery, T Ruder, ML Jones, CJ de Bakker, SM Mahler, KJ Thurecht

Overcoming instability of antibody-nanomaterial conjugates: Next generation targeted nanomedicines using bispecific antibodies

Adv Healthc Mater 5:2055-68 (2016)

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibody, targeting, nanoparticles, liposomes

pdf file

Q Yang, TM Jacobs, JD McCallen, DT Moore, JT Huckaby, JN Edelstein, SK Lai

Analysis of pre-existing IgG and IgM antibodies against polyethylene glycol (PEG) in the general population

Analytical Chem 88(23):11804-11812 (2016)

Keywords: hu6.3,cAGP4, ELISA, pre-existing anti-PEG antibodies, human

pdf file

HY Tung, YC Su, BM Chen, PA Burnouf, WC Huang, KH Chuang,YT Yan, TL Cheng and SR Roffler

Selective delivery of PEGylated compounds to tumor cells by anti-PEG hybrid antibodies

Mol. Cancer Ther. 14:1317-26, 2015.

Keywords: 6.3, bispecific antibodies, targeting, nanoparticles, liposomes

pdf file

M Richter, R Yumul, H Wang, K Saydaminova, M Ho, D May, A Baldessari, M Gough, C Drescher, N Urban, S Roffler, C Zubieta, D Carter, P Fender, A Lieber

Preclinical safety and efficacy studies with an affinity-enhanced epithelial junction opener and PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin

Molecular Therapy - Methods & Clinical Development 2, 15005 (2015)

Keywords: AGP4, 3.3, ELISA, immunohistochemistry, liposomes

pdf file

M Krishna, HPalme, J Duo, Z Lin, M Corbett, R Dodge, S Piccoli, H Myler, R Pillutla, B Desilva

Development and characterization of antibody reagents to assess anti-PEG IgG antibodies in clinical samples

Bioanalysis 7(15):1869-83 (2015)

Keywords: 6.3, AGP4, ELISA, ADA

pdf file

H Myler, MW Hruska, S Srinivasan, E Cooney, G Kong, R Dodge, Murli Krishna, JZhu, T Felix, C Gleason, SP Piccoli, B DeSilva

Anti-PEG antibody bioanalysis: a clinical case study with PEG-IFN-λ-1a and PEG-IFN-α2a in naive patients

Bioanalysis 7(9):1093-106 (2015)

Keywords: AGP4, 6.3, ELISA, ADA, proteins

pdf file

BM Radu, M Radu, C Tognoli, D Benati, F Merigo, M Assfalg, E Solani, C Stranieri, A Ceccon, AM Fratta Pasini, L Cominacini, P Bramanti, F Osculati, G Bertini, PF Fabene

Are they in or out? The elusive interaction between Qtracker ® 800 vascular labels and brain endothelial cells

Nanomedicine (Lond) 10(22):3329-42 (2015)

Keywords: AGP4, nanoparticles

pdf file

CH Kao, JY Wang, KH Chuang, CH Chuang, TC Cheng, YC Hsieh, YL Tseng, BM Chen, SR Roffler, TL Cheng

One-step mixing with humanized anti-mPEG bispecific antibody enhances tumor accumulation and therapeutic efficacy of mPEGylated nanoparticles

Biomaterials 35: 9930-40 (2014)

Keywords: 15-2b, bispecific antibody, targeting, liposomes, nanoparticles

pdf file

KH Chuang, CH Kao, SR Roffler, SJ Lu, TC Cheng, YM Wang, CH Chuang, YC Hsieh, YT Wang, JY Wang, KY Weng, and TL Cheng

Development of an anti-methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (α-mPEG) cell-based capture system to measure mPEG and mPEGylated molecules

Macromolecules 47: 6880-6888 (2014)

Keywords: AGP3, ELISA, cells

pdf file

YC Su, TS Al-Qaisi, HY Tung, TL Cheng, KH Chuang, BM Chen, SR Roffler

Mimicking the germinal center reaction in hybridoma cells to isolate temperature-selective anti-PEG antibodies

Mabs 6: 1069-83, 2014

Keywords: 3.3, ELISA, affinity maturation

pdf file

CY Lai, PR Wu, SR Roffler, ST Lee, SM Hwang, SS Wang, K Wang, PC Hsieh

The clearance kinetics of biomaterials affects stem cell retention and therapeutic efficacy

Biomacromolecules 15:564-73 (2014)

Keywords: AGP4, biogel

pdf file

X Yi, D Yuan, SA Farr, WA Banks, CD Poon, AV Kabanov

Pluronic modified leptin with increased systemic circulation, brain uptake and efficacy for treatment of obesity

J Control Release 191:34-46 (2014)

Keywords: AGP4, 3.3, ELISA, proteins

  pdf file

TC Cheng, KH Chuang, M Chen, HE Wang, SC Tzou, YC Su, CH Chuang, CH Kao, BM Chen, LS Chang, SR Roffler, and TL Cheng

Sensitivity of PEGylated interferon detection by anti-polyethylene glycol (PEG) antibodies depends on PEG length

Bioconjugate Chem 24: 1408-1413 (2013)

Keywords: AGP4, 3.3-biotin, ELISA, proteins

  pdf file

K de Dios, A Manibusan, R Marsden, J Pinkstaff

Comparison of bioanalytical methods for the quantitation of PEGylated human insulin

J Immunol Methods 396:1-7 (2013)

Keywords: AGP4, ELISA, proteins

  pdf file

YH Wang, YC Fu, HC Chiu, CZ Wang, SP Lo, ML Ho, PL Liu, CK Wang

Cationic nanoparticles with quaternary ammonium-functionalized PLGA–PEG-based copolymers for potent gene transfection

J Nanopart Res 15:2077 (2013)

Keywords: E11, AGP3, nanoparticles, ELISA

pdf file

TL Cheng, KH Chuan, BM Chen and SR Roffler

Analytical measurement of PEGylated molecules

Bioconjugate Chem 23: 881-899 (2012)

Keywords: review, ELISA, E11, 3.3, AGP3, AGP4, proteins, nanoparticles, liposomes

pdf file

I Beyer, H Cao, J Persson, H Song, M Richter, Q Feng, R Yumul, R van Rensburg, Z Li, R Berenson, D Carter, S Roffler, C Drescher, A Lieber

Coadministration of epithelial junction opener JO-1 improves the efficacy and safety of chemotherapeutic drugs

Clin Cancer Res 18:3340-3351 (2012)

Keywords: AGP4, 3.3-biotin, ELISA, liposomes, immunohistochemistry

pdf file

H Wang, I Beyer, J Persson, H Song, ZY Li, M Richter, H Cao, R van Rensburg, X Yao, K Hudkins, R Yumul, XB Zhang, M Yu, P Fender, A Hemminki, A Lieber

A new human DSG2-transgenic mouse model for studying the tropism and pathology of human adenoviruses

J Virol 86(11):6286-302 (2012)

Keywords: AGP4, immunohistochemistry, liposomes

pdf file

JT Hyotyla, J Deng, RYH Lim

Synthetic protein targeting by the intrinsic biorecognition functionality of poly(ethylene glycol) using PEG antibodies as biohybrid molecular adaptors

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Keywords: E11, bispecific antibody, biohybrid molecular adaptor, surface, assays

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Keywords: AGP3, ELISA, proteins

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PEG-modified biopharmaceuticals

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