Dr. Peck, Konan

Human Kallikrein 8 Protease Confers a Favorable Clinical Outcome in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer by Suppressing Tumor Cell Invasiveness.

Cancer Research., Dec 15, 2006

The human kallikrein 8 (KLK8) gene, a member of the human tissue kallikrein gene family, encodes a serine protease.


Dr. Chen, Yuan-Tsong

ENU mutagenesis identifies mice with cardiac fibrosis and hepatic steatosis caused by a mutation in the mitochondrial trifunctional protein ß-subunit.

Human Molecular Genetics., Nov 20, 2006

Using the metabolomics-guided screening coupled to N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea-mediated mutagenesis, we identified mice that exhibited elevated ......


Dr. Jou, Yuh-Shan

OncoDB.HCC: an integrated oncogenomic database of hepatocellular carcinoma revealed aberrant cancer target genes and loci .

Nucleic Acids Research., Nov 10, 2006

The OncoDB.HCC (http://oncodb.hcc.ibms.sinica.edu.tw) is based on physical maps of rodent and human genomes containing quantitative trait ......


Dr. Shih, Hsiu-Ming

Role of SUMO-Interacting Motif in Daxx SUMO Modification, Subnuclear Localization, and Repression of Sumoylated Transcription Factors.

Molecular Cell, Nov 03, 2006

Small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) modification has emerged as an important posttranslational control of protein functions.


Dr. Lim, Carmay

Effect of Carboxylate-Binding Mode on Metal Binding/Selectivity and Function in Proteins.

Acc. Chem. Res., Oct 14, 2006

Almost one-half of all known proteins contain metal cofactor(s),1 which perform a variety of tasks ranging from protein structure stabili ......


Dr. Lee, Eminy H.Y.

Serum- and Glucocorticoid-Inducible Kinase 1 (SGK1) Increases Neurite Formation through Microtubule Depolymerization by SGK1 and by SGK1 Phosphorylation of Tau.

Mol. Cell. Biol., Sep 18, 2006

Serum- and glucocorticoid-inducible kinase 1 (SGK1) is a member of the Ser/Thr protein kinase family that regulates a variety of cell fun ......


Dr. Chen, Chinpan

Human pancreatitis-associated protein forms fibrillar aggregates with a native-like conformation.

J. Biol. Chem, Sep 07, 2006

Human pancreatitis-associated protein was identified in pathognomonic lesions of Alzheimer's disease, a disease characterized by the ......


Dr. Chen, Yuan-Tsong

Long contiguous stretches of homozygosity in the human genome.

Human Mutation., Sep 05, 2006

Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most common sequence variation in the human genome; they have been successfully used in ma ......


Dr. Fann, Cathy S.-J.

A genome-wide study of preferential amplification/hybridization in microarray-based pooled DNA experiments.

Nucleic Acids Research., Aug 23, 2006

Microarray-based pooled DNA methods overcome the cost bottleneck of simultaneously genotyping more than 100 000 markers for numerous stud ......


Dr. Liao, Fang

Both CXCR3 and CXCL10/IFN-Inducible Protein 10 Are Required for Resistance to Primary Infection by Dengue Virus.

The Journal of Immunology., Aug 01, 2006

We examined the extent to which CXCR3 mediates resistance to dengue infection. Following intracerebral infection with dengue virus, CXCR3 ......


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