Dr. Lin, Yi-Ling

Japanese Encephalitis Virus Nonstructural Protein NS5 Interacts with Mitochondrial Trifunctional Protein and Impairs Fatty Acid β-Oxidation.

PLoS Pathog., May 27, 2015

Infection with Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) can induce the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines and cause acute encephalitis in hum ......


Dr. Shen, Chen-Yang

FGFR2 regulates Mre11 expression and double-strand break repair via the MEK-ERK-POU1F1 pathway in breast tumorigenesis.

Hum Mol Genet., May 18, 2015

The association between breast cancer risk and genetic variants of fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (FGFR2) has been identified and repea ......


Dr. Chern, Yijuang

Aberrant astrocytes impair vascular reactivity in huntington's disease.

Ann Neurol., Apr 25, 2015

Objective Huntington's disease (HD) is an inherited neurodegenerative disease caused by the mutant Huntingtin gene (mHTT), which harbors ......


Dr. Roffler, Steve R.

Selective Delivery of PEGylated Compounds to Tumor Cells by anti-PEG Hybrid Antibodies.

Mol Cancer Ther., Apr 07, 2015

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is attached to many peptides, proteins, liposomes and nanoparticles to reduce their immunogenicity and improve the ......


Dr. Yang, Pan-Chyr

CXCL10/IP-10 is a Biomarker and Mediator for Kawasaki Disease.

Nat Commun., Mar 05, 2015

Anticancer therapies are often compromised by nonspecific effects and challenged by tumour environments' inherent physicochemical and bi ......


Dr. Chen, Yuan-Tsong

CXCL10/IP-10 is a Biomarker and Mediator for Kawasaki Disease.

Circ Res., Jan 20, 2015

We enrolled 214 children with fever and clinical features suggestive of KD. Of those, only 100 were diagnosed with KD. Their plasma samples ......


Dr. Yang, Ruey-Bing (Ray)

Disruption of Scube2 impairs endochondral bone formation.

J. Bone Miner. Res., Jan 12, 2015

SCUBE2 (signal peptide-CUB-EGF domain-containing protein 2) belongs to a secreted and membrane-tethered multi-domain SCUBE protein family co ......


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